Music Stand 4.0 Beta Testing

1200 x 675   ms beta

Help us test the new version of Planning Center Music Stand for iOS and Android devices!

Music Stand 4 is something we're really excited to share soon, and we'd love your help in trying it out before it officially releases.

This new version is a huge update with quite a few big new features, and lots of smaller improvements that make rehearsing and playing your music even better.


  • Zoom in place
  • Import annotations from other files or keys
  • Smoother annotations
  • Control the Media Player even while annotating
  • Vertical page scrolling even by half pages



    • Zoom instantly by pinching. No need to enter "zoom mode" anymore!
    • Zoom settings are now saved for each user & don't affect everyone else.

    • Annotations are smoother and more accurate with better support for Apple pencil on iOS devices.
    • Not only can you view someone else's annotations for the current PDF, you can view annotations from other PDFs for the same arrangement. This allows you to import notes you've already taken on a PDF in a different key.
    • Erase preview. As you use the erase rectangle you get a live preview.

    • The media player now opens in its own bottom toolbar, allowing other toolbars to remain open. This allows you to control media and take notes or use the metronome at the same time

    • You can change scrolling from Horizontal to Vertical Full Page, or Vertical Half page from the Settings screen in the left sidebar.
    • My Schedule now shows plans across all your linked accounts, since Music Stand now uses the same sidebar navigation as Services.
    • Item details are now completely visible by default, rather than just the first line.
    • Lots of other little things including other design updates, and making dark mode the default.

Who Can Test?

Anyone with an iOS and/or Android device can be a beta tester! If you're an iOS user, you'll need to at least have iOS 9.3 installed on your device. If you're an Android user, you'll need to at least have Android 4.4 on your device.

Signing Up

To sign up, register with the attendee type that matches what device(s) you'll be using. If you have both Android and iOS devices that you'd like to use, please register two separate times; one as the "iOS Tester" Attendee Type, and the other as the "Android Tester" Attendee Type.

NOTE: You MUST register each person with their own email address, as they cannot be added without one.

Once you register, I'll follow up with you on the next steps to joining the group & getting beta versions to test.


Matt Steingard // User Experience Agent // Planning Center

Attendee Types

  • iOS Tester 1812 remaining
  • Android Tester 1967 remaining
  • iOS and Android Tester Full
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    2:30 am
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